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A little greasier than turkey, which is to be expected, of course. Taste very good, juicy, I just had to pick up a few fatty pieces, as I don't like such parts

Super quick rescue when there's no time to cook. I tried the burger recipe with jerked meat and it was very tasty and ready right away.

Good. With all the chicken, sometimes it's a good change.

IMHO the best canned meat I've ever eaten:)

Perfection on the road. The quality of the meat is 🤌🏼doporučuji

Much tastier than the pepper salt chicken, which disappointed me greatly. It was dry as a sole. This is another level. Maybe because it is pork :-)

I'm not very good at it, I'm pretty fat

Too much fatty meat in one can. 1/3 of the can is just the greasy, inedible part.

Hi Misha, pork is naturally fattier, so there may be more fat in the package. Have a nice day

The meat itself was pretty good, but quite a lot of fat and jelly (I guess that's to be expected :-)). I won't order again.