Vilgain Protein Mug Cake Mix

253 Ratings

A total blast! I was pleasantly surprised that it's not over-sweetened, it always "bakes up" beautifully and combined with cottage cheese and peanut butter, it's become my new addiction 😁

It's quick to make and with a little dressing/cream it's the perfect dessert.

Excellent taste and the fact that I have breakfast within 6 minutes is a total blast.

Great for a quick breakfast.

excellent taste

Absolutely brilliant product, yummy!

I've had microwave brownies 2x so far. The first time from Gym Beam and the second time from you. As far as taste goes, Vilgain is much tastier, it wasn't as dry as from the concoction and sweeter too. And the pieces of fruit and chocolate add to the taste as well. I give a star down for the preparation. Although I followed the procedure, the cake didn't turn out. Some people write in the reviews that it even came out of the jar. I had a slight increase in volume, but I didn't have to worry about the microwave even on the 3rd try... I got the cookies out of the gymbeam on the second try and they puffed up nicely. Yours didn't puff up at all, they were juicy, but also underdone... A bit more baking and it could be a top in the future

This is such a great thing! Like, it's probably not the cheapest thing, but it's worth the taste and ease of preparation :)

Divine breakfast, fluffy banana bread - with skyr and blueberries - BOMB

Absolutely great, and it's nice that even a younger child can make it :-)