R2E Organic Brown Lentils

32 Ratings

Great, makes my job easier 👍🏼

Super rescue quickie and tastes really really good. 👍

it saves an awful lot of time and tastes great, great recommendation

A true superfood - so underrated, overlooked and yet so accessible. An excellent source of plant protein that doesn't bloat.

Genuine lentils taste. Nothing to compare with usual tin box lentils.

Anyone in a time crunch or in thrall to the laziness of preparing legumes, thisVilgain was very very good. Incorporating legumes (with lots of fiber and other benefits) has probably never been easier. Open them up, pile them on (in a salad hot or cold) and eat them. No aftertaste from the bag or brine, all clean and totally yummy. I can't wait to taste the others besides the lentils. And combined with butternut squash, asparagus and goat cheese? PERFECTION! you can find the recipe on my profile :)

A good quickie when you're not in a hurry. For salads or as a side dish super 👌🏻

An excellent kitchen helper. Just add to a salad and you're done :)

Excellent tiny lens. Great in salads, to sprinkle on bread with some vegetable spread or to add extra protein to any meal. Because it's nice to rotate protein sources. :)

Great idea! When I don't want to soak lentils the day before and then cook them for a long time, this is the perfect option, plus it comes in a handy package. It suits me that it is not marinated in any brine.