Vilgain R2E Organic Kidney Beans

141 Ratings

Nice quickie.

Absolute blast these, I put them in the test tubes and they added a great flavor!

Very tasty and great on the go.

Great, I'll buy again sometime :)

super super for immediate use, without preparation, I always have in stock!

Absolutely perfect thing for all students! Just open the bag and use straight away! The legumes are completely labor free with a great taste!

good choice :)

The only complaint is that they are too "al dente", if you can say that.

I was a bit disappointed, the beans are undercooked and harder to bite. Unfortunately, I will not buy them again next time. I was expecting softer and more delicious beans.

Hi Jani, the beans are prepared so that you can put them straight on the plate, but they are a little different from the classic canned beans. You can add the beans to several dishes at once - try my favorite recipe - 🌮. Have a nice day.

Spis drtiny

Hi Kamila, thanks for the feedback. We will be happy to work this out together at our email, please send us a photo. Have a nice day :).