R2E Turkey Meat

78 Ratings

This is the solution to takeaway meals that give you a generous 25g of meat to go with 500g of side dish. Open a jar, take this delicious meat and voila, suddenly you have the gram of protein that an exercising homo sapiens sapiens needs.


Excellent for risotto.


rescue lunch, dinner :-) a bit more expensive than classic canned food, but delicious:-)

Great taste ! Excellent

For me PERFECTION! Both cold and warmed, in tortillas, wraps, with potatoes.... in short, in all ways! The absolute top of the "ready to eat" masses, where do all the canned foods go! I have to have this meat in stock at all times!

I love it! My boyfriend and I eat it cold too. 😂 I tried putting the pieces on pizza too (Aktin pizza base of course) and it was delicious too. For weekdays when you're not catching up on anything but want to eat a full meal, it's great.

Perfectly juicy jerk meat without any work. It comes in handy when you are not in a hurry or maybe traveling without the possibility to cook. And actually any other time!

It tastes great!

Taste delicious meat. Nothing to complain about.

Good to have in the pantry! The package is big and enough for two people 😉