Roasted organic chickpea

64 Ratings

This is an addiction. Best invention ever.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is genius! A healthy snack that I have in my pantry. I have it for a snack when I'm hungry or as a crunchy element to a meal.

Super crunchy 👌🏻

Instead of chips, it was a great substitute, but it made my teeth hurt because they are sensitive.

Chutne, krupave a pomerne dost pikantni

We are a huge chickpea lover and when I saw this product, I knew right away it was going to be my staple. Chickpeas crisp up nicely~perfect sprinkled in soup, salad or just in your mouth!

Beautiful crunch, super taste🥰

Super chickpeas! For people who don't really like chickpeas (like me), it's great that there's more of a tomato and basil flavor than chickpeas.

Much better than any chips

So far, I've only had a chance to taste the onion flavor. I don't like chickpeas at all and I don't seek them out, so a huge surprise for me. Delicious!!!