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A classic and aesthetically pleasing shaker. Ideal for protein and water thanks to its size.

I got the big one because I wanted it not only for protein but also for water and I love it! I like it a lot, but if you want a shaker only for protein, I probably recommend the smaller one, because the 600 ml is really enough :)

It's a little hard to close.

lid sometimes does not close but otherwise great shaker

A classic shaker that is aesthetically pleasing and at a good price, watch out for the top lid closing, it stays askew at times🙆🏼♀️

Handy travel shaker in 300ml size

Classic shaker - I always deal with sealing the threads so that they do not leak and here everything is absolutely fine. Be careful with the black colour you can't see through, which is not a problem, but some people may find it annoying. :-)

Super bottle. :)

It's great but sometimes it's hard to close the lid (you can't close the lid properly, you have to concentrate on it)

The cap on the drinking part closes badly. I have to try very hard to fit it in. But otherwise good quality 😊