14 Ratings

Great bag. I love the minimalist design 🤍

Finally, a raincoat that will hold something and not lose my phone/keys or anything smaller that I need to keep handy up top at all times. Oh, and the design. 🖤

I absolutely love it! It's big, it fits everything I need, and it's really pretty. I'm very happy because it has a little pocket inside, for keys or a cell phone. <3

Great design and quality material 🤍

I'm absolutely thrilled with this bag, I've recently started wearing this type of bag to work, to my boyfriend's when I'm taking stuff etc., but this one from Vilgain is totally gamechaneger it fits absolutely everything in it is incredibly roomy yet doesn't feel like I'm carrying a whole bag, the ears are wide and sturdy so they don't dig into the shoulders and deform the shape of the bag

Perfect quality bag, it is beautifully sized - so you can fit a lot of stuff in it. Made of strong material and has a beautiful design.

Absolutely perfect bag, high quality and huge!!!!