87 Ratings

Great bag , thanks to the universal color it fits with everything .It is very spacious and I appreciate that it has an inner pocket to put for example keys.I carry it all the time .

Great bag, really spacious. Very enthusiastic!

Beautiful, minimalistic bag , it's big , so perfect for shopping or even for the gym if you don't want to take a sports bag. It is also very nice to the touch and well sewn ♥️

the most practical bag ever,really top,and satisfaction

The bag is very spacious. It is made of strong material with tightly sewn handles. I like the small pocket inside the bag which is practical.

Absolutely great bag ❤️

It's great, it's huge and fits a lot of stuff in it, made of very strong material so you don't have to worry about your ears coming off, amazing!

I was very pleasantly surprised by the bag. It's really huge, fits a lot of stuff and is made of very strong material. Even the ears of the bag are really well sewn and made of strong material. It easily carried a large and heavy purchase when it was full to the brim.

Perfect size, shape, and just the right length for the ears - it fits a yogamatsu with everything I need for class. And it didn't shrink at all after washing! Great.

It worked for me as a beach bag in the summer, now I take it with me on every shopping trip. It's sturdy, practical, minimalist and has a smaller pocket inside for things that would otherwise fit and be hard to find.