138 Ratings

Ideally a large bag made of pleasant material! It's great to carry things to the gym.

Great big bag + it has one smaller pocket, so great for keys!

Comfortable and large

Super bag that is solid, looks great and is especially spacious!! The small pocket is perfect for a mobile phone or keys. 👌🏼

Amazing bag, looks beautiful, great to wear and absolutely the perfect size for the gym and yoga.

Great shape and fits a lot of things and a big plus is a small pocket for keys or mobile phone.. but soon I got wrinkles on the bag.

Super bag. Big and sturdy 😊

Solid, spacious, really cool 👍🏻

Awesome bag <3 It's big and sturdy enough that I've grown to love it for gym stuff, I don't carry another one.

The best bag!👌 Sturdy, big and spacious!🤩