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Very simple design, that's exactly what I like! And 700ml, means you don't have to go every 10 minutes to get water 😁

Fulfils the purpose for the price

Apart from the initial plastic "aroma", which I got rid of within 3 washes, it's a really great shaker. It really doesn't absorb odors. Except I don't use the included metal "ball" - the metal 100% scratches the plastic and then, in my opinion, the shaker starts to suck in odors. It would be great if it was replaced with a plastic grid.

For me the biggest advantage is the resistance to higher temperatures

Tough, light, bulky. For me spokojenost🤟🏼

The shape, volume and lid are great, it just smells horribly of new plastic, I've already put it in the dishwasher 2 times and it still stinks.

Hi Ivana, thank you for your honest review. We recommend that you let the shaker drain and air out after washing. That way the new plastic smell should gradually fade. In some cases, it may take up to several days for the smell to completely disappear. Should the situation not improve, please do not hesitate to contact us for further possible solutions. Have a nice day,

The first piece started to leak through a crack on the bottom after a few weeks of hard use. The second piece had a crack in the thread after two weeks. In both cases the shaker was handled carefully. I certainly didn't test to see what would last. I won't give it a third chance. Instead of this "ultra durable" nonsense, I recommend a cheaper version made of normal material.

Hi Adam, we're sorry to hear that the other piece had a crack too 😔. This is not the standard that a shaker should have. We've sent you a message to take a closer look at the product and work out a joint complaint. Have a nice day,