Vilgain Trouble Protein Bar

439 Ratings

So this bar is top ceiling. Tastes better than a bounty. Too big a pack for me, like other DTs, so I only need half a bar. I'll definitely order more, next time I order 😍. If there was a coconut and dark chocolate option, it would be the bomb 🤔.

No ew hot chocolate no bleh.
Yes, please make a dark chocolate version 🙏😁

Excellent coconut, if it was in dark chocolate, it would be the bomb!!!

Excellent bar, not too sweet, but for my taste it could be a little less sweet. Pleasant taste of coconut. It would definitely be more interesting with dark chocolate.

The taste reminds me of Margot. A great snack always on hand.

The first protein bar that tastes good and I have no problem finishing it, great stuff!

Absolutely luxurious! Really better than the classic bounty! If you love bounty and are thinking of a healthier alternative, get the whole box of 12!

Absolutely unbeatable protein, tastes like bounty and has absolutely no artificial "tail".

Oh, my God! The best protein bar. Too bad the price isn't lower, I'd probably be hooked.

this is a heavy addiction... a box a week minimum

It's great, just sweet and has no artificial aftertaste. But Double Trouble Protein Bars are a bit better for me. :)