Unroasted Cocoa

119 Ratings

Good cocoa. Less pronounced taste than roasted, but has more minerals.

The best cocoa 😇

The best and highest quality cocoa on the market. Can't compare to the store-bought stuff. It's not as bitter and is naturally a little sweet🤍

Excellent full-bodied taste. For desserts and cottage cheese a complete bomb 😊. I don't need to mention that it can't be compared to the classic cocoa bought from Orion 😁

Muslim that this is what real cocoa should taste and look like, as opposed to the cheap Dutch ones from the grocery store that are stained, it naturally has a paler color. I use it when baking sweet dishes, or just in yogurt, avocado pudding, etc.

Unroasted cocoa is a must in my house. I sprinkle it on mashed banana and add a little salt🤤

Why salt 🙄

Delicious, we also use it to flavour yoghurt, cottage cheese for baking :-).

Best cocoa! The best tasting cocoa I know! ❤️👍

More delicate taste, light colour. I guess I'm used to classic cocoa and I like it better

Cocoa will enhance any sweet recipe, it's nice to have some good quality like this one!