Unroasted Cocoa

144 Ratings

Super cocoa, it flavours my morning porridge beautifully.

basic cocoa what to say

Beautifully delicate and not bitter like the one from the shop. Amazing taste, I will buy again.

The best cocoa 👍

It smells like chocolate and the taste is delicate and not too strong like dark chocolate. Loved it!

Good cocoa. Less pronounced taste than roasted, but has more minerals.

The best cocoa 😇

The best and highest quality cocoa on the market. Can't compare to the store-bought stuff. It's not as bitter and is naturally a little sweet🤍 I would appreciate maybe a 500g pack 🙏🏼

Excellent full-bodied taste. For desserts and cottage cheese a complete bomb 😊. I don't need to mention that it can't be compared to the classic cocoa bought from Orion 😁

Muslim that this is what real cocoa should taste and look like, as opposed to the cheap Dutch ones from the grocery store that are stained, it naturally has a paler color. I use it when baking sweet dishes, or just in yogurt, avocado pudding, etc.