Unroasted Cocoa

60 Ratings

For me the best cocoa! I use it in desserts, porridge and yoghurt.

High quality, great taste! I put it in baking, yogurt, smoothies or porridge. I don't buy anything else. :)

Compared to the classic Dutch cocoa that everyone probably knows from childhood, this is really something else. It's not as dark in colour... but the taste is really honest. And I really like the handy resealable packaging. :)

Excellent taste. I like to use it in various porridges, mugcakes - it is not bitter at all.

The best cocoa under the sun! ❤🙏 It smells beautiful, tastes great and is perfect for me for porridge! ✅ The wrapper is great too, you can close it and the cocoa is cakey! ❤

Cocoa - Unroasted, fragrant, just cocoa.

Great - Cocoa has a beautiful smell, colour and the most important thing... taste. It's great in cakes, for sprinkling on tiramisu, just for anything 😀. For me, the price is also affordable, so I'm not buying the last 😊.

Yummy - Fine consistency, not bitter and fits in everything.

👌 - Wonderful mild taste 👍I use the cake in baking or even in the morning in porridge

Cocoa - Aktin states on their e-store and on the product packaging that it is 100% cocoa, but it is only reduced fat cocoa with only 10% cocoa butter, they do not list this information online, I only found out from the packaging on the product. If this information was also given in the description on the e-shop, I would not order the cocoa. Real cocoa, contains more than 20% cocoa butter. I am disappointed. I did a deliberate comparison of other products they offer and for example the cocoa from CountryLife, they state that it is reduced fat cocoa and for this product the ingredients state 100% cocoa. I take that as a deception.