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Unfortunately, here in the Czech Republic we don't get the sunshine we deserve. That's why I recommend D3 supplementation in the winter months and this one from Aktinu really fits the bill :)

I always start using supplements in the autumn, and diacetate is one of them 👍

Vitamin D should be a staple of everyone's supplementation, especially in the coronavirus era! Now in autumn, like when you find.

As I'm sure you know, we get vitamin D from the sun. However, in our area we are not able to absorb this vitamin from the sun during the winter season, so it is important to supplement it. It affects a large part of the factor in our body. Such a major one is probably immunity, which we all need during this period.

Now in autumn, the perfect accessory as the sun will be less and less.

For me, one of the essential supplements - primarily during the winter days when we do not get vitamin D naturally. Since I've been supplementing with D3, I have to say that my immunity has totally improved, and that I was quite prone to catching colds quickly.

I don't lack vitamin D any winter and thanks to this I didn't get any colds during the winter. I can only recommend it

In winter and current situation a necessity🙆🏻♀️

I'm not noticing an effect, so hopefully it's working

Vitamin D - Vitamin D pills are tiny, so there is no problem with swallowing. Now in winter it is definitely useful