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Most people are deficient in it, with several science-backed benefits. A staple among nutritional supplements, which you can read about here: https://fitclan.sk/zdravie/slnecny-vitamin-d-vacsina-ludi-ho-ma-nedostatok-robi-nas-stastnejsich-patri-medzi-najlepsie-doplnky-vyzivy/. We might like to see a combination with vitamin K2 in the future, but otherwise, this D is another of the classics that almost everyone can use as a basic supplement.

I supplement vitamin D in winter when the sun is not shining anymore. Remember to take it with some fat (food) - vitamin D is fat soluble!

I always start using supplements in the autumn, and diacetate is one of them 👍

For the winter, when there is less sunshine in general, it is definitely worth supplementing vit. D3 even in capsule form ;-)

I supplement vitamin D year round and it's great that this one is suitable for vegans too! ❤️

Unfortunately, here in the Czech Republic we don't get the sunshine we deserve. That's why I recommend D3 supplementation in the winter months and this one from Aktin really fits me :)

Vitamin D should be a staple of everyone's supplementation, especially in the coronavirus era! Now in autumn, like when you find.

As I'm sure you know, we get vitamin D from the sun. However, in our area we are not able to absorb this vitamin from the sun during the winter season, so it is important to supplement it. It affects a large part of the factor in our body. Such a major one is probably immunity, which we all need during this period.

Now in autumn, the perfect accessory as the sun will be less and less.

For me, one of the essential supplements - primarily during the winter days when we do not get vitamin D naturally. Since I've been supplementing with D3, I have to say that my immunity has totally improved, and that I was quite prone to catching colds quickly.