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In winter, there is not enough sunshine for our body to make enough of this vitamin, so the ideal supplement

ok I will recommend

quality composition

Big thumbs up for the quality and the price... Works great. I'm adding this brand to my list of favorite brands right away. You can see that the guys at Aktin know exactly what they wanted to do and they did it without compromise and great. Thanks:)

Great, nothing to complain about :)

I've been taking it consistently for several years. My morbidity has dropped significantly. I have a cold once a year.

Someone has a favorite liquid form of D3 under the tongue, I switched to a capsule form where I give it together as a morning mix with probiotics, OMEGA-3 and a multivitamin once every two days. A supplement I could not do without anymore.

For the winter, when there is less sunshine in general, it is definitely worth supplementing vit. D3 even in capsule form ;-)

I supplement vitamin D year round and it's great that this one is suitable for vegans too! ❤️

Unfortunately, here in the Czech Republic we don't get the sunshine we deserve. That's why I recommend D3 supplementation in the winter months and this one from Aktin really fits me :)