Bovine collagen

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Beef collagen for joints

Bovine collagen, also known as bovine collagen, is extracted from bovine skin and connective tissues. It is most often hydrolyzed collagen in a more easily utilized form of collagen peptides. Bovine collagen is characterised by its higher molecular weight, which makes it absorbed over a longer period of time. The most abundant collagens are type I and III, but type II collagen is no exception. An important component is the amino acid proline, which ensures the strength of collagen.

Effects of bovine collagen

Due to its properties, bovine collagen is one of the most popular joint nutrition supplementswhich can:

  • alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis,
  • reduce inflammation in the joints,
  • positively affect tendon and ligament function.

Although bovine collagen has positive effects on skin, hair and nail health, much better results can be achieved in this area with marine collagen.

Dosage of bovine collagen

Bovine collagen is recommended for long‑term use in doses of 2500‑10000 mg of collagen per day. Among the highest quality bovine collagen is Peptinex collagen, which comes from South American pastures. Peptinex is characterized by its unique amino acid composition and low molecular weight. You can find it in our products Vilgain Joint SupportVilgain Collagen Complex.

Supplementation of bovine collagen can be partially replaced by regular consumption of beef broth.

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