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Vilgain Chutney
Vilgain Chutney ⁠–⁠ spicy with a pleasant sweetness, handmade Czech production in small batches
Onion with honey 200 g
8,99 €
(4,50 € / 100 g)

Chutney sauces not only for meat

Chutney, also known as chutney in English, is originally a traditional Indian sauce whose modern form is made by slow‑cooking a mixture of fruits, vegetables, spices (especially chilli), sugar and vinegar. During the cooking process, the mixture gradually thickens to a thick consistency and the typical sweet and sour to spicy flavour is developed.

A variety of fruits and vegetables are used to make the chutney, usually depending on the region or availability of ingredients. You may come across onion, courgette, tomato, pumpkin, plum, pear or mango chutney.

And what to have chutney with? Chutney is best paired with grilled meat, fish or vegetables. It's also great in sandwiches and burgers or as a dip for cheese, chips or vegetables. If you care about quality, try our Vilgain Chutneywhich are made in small batches to ensure maximum quality. But beware, they burn!

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