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Flapjack sticks

Flapjack, sometimes also flap jack, is a baked oatmeal bar originally from the UK. The original recipe consists of oatmeal, butter, cane sugar and golden syrup. This sweet treat is often served with coffee or tea.

Modern fitness versions of flapjack bars contain alternatives to conventional sugar, better quality fat sources, nuts, seeds, pieces of dried fruit or chocolate. The texture of the bars is usually soft and smooth, but you can also find drier and crispier flapjacks that are closer to classic muesli bars.

Flapjacks are high in calories, rich in carbohydrates but also in fibre, which is filling and aids digestion. Flapjacks are ideal whenever you need to replenish energy. They are a suitable pre‑workout meal and are great for replenishing energy during longer physical activity. They also work well as a snack, but for a longer satiation period it is advisable to supplement them with protein - yoghurt, protein or kefir.

The most popular flapjacks come from the brands Vilgain, Nutrend, Blackfriars, Cerea or Wholebake.

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