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How to choose a jump rope

Jump rope length

The recommended length of the jump rope is determined by the height of the individual. The easiest way is to test the length directly on yourself - when standing legged in the middle of the jump rope, the ends of the handles should reach your armpits. The following table can be used for easy reference:

Body heightLength of jump rope
Less than 150 cm215 cm
150‑170 cm250 cm
170‑185 cm270 cm
more than 185 cm300 cm

Nowadays, most jump ropes allow individual length adjustment, just check the specific product for this option. The length of the jump rope is a prerequisite for technically correct and maximally efficient jumping rope - a short jump rope forces the legs to bend unnaturally, a long one causes tripping.

Jump rope material

  • Plastic jump ropes are generally more suitable for beginners and advanced jumpers. The jump ropes are light and therefore slow, so you won't feel any setbacks too much. However, jump ropes made of high‑quality PVC are suitable for performance and fitness jumping, and an experienced jumper can spin them sufficiently.
  • Leather jump ropes are a typical tool for boxers. They are made up of a simple leather rope, and are generally faster than plastic jump ropes.
  • Steel jump ropes already hurt - inside the nylon or PVC wrapping is a steel cable. Jump ropes with a steel cord are classified as speed jump ropes, they are designed for advanced athletes with mastered technique.
  • Textile/cotton jump ropes are the classic jump ropes that everyone knows from school. They are designed for beginners or advanced, their properties vary according to the material (usually polyester, viscose or jute).

Special types of jump ropes

  • Weighted jump ropes are a more challenging version of skipping rope, involving more muscles and developing strength endurance. The rope of the jump rope is usually made of nylon, so the weight is evenly distributed.
  • A jump rope with a weight in the handle helps with strengthening the muscles in the wrist and forearm. Jump ropes with bearings allow for higher speeds by reducing the resistance when the rope is spun.
  • Jump ropes with a counter allow you to keep track of the number of jumps, the length of the jump, and often the amount of calories and fat burned.

While choosing the right jump rope is central to jumping rope, the "stuff around" must not be forgotten. Comfortable clothing and sturdy sports shoes are also prerequisites for proper jumping. To reduce the strain on the joints, it is better to jump on grass or get a special fitness jumping mat.

Why jump rope

The results of jumping rope may not come immediately, but with regular jumping there are many benefits:

  • fat burning,
  • increased explosiveness and muscle dynamics,
  • strengthening the cardiovascular system,
  • improving coordination,
  • improved breathing and
  • improving coordination and endurance.

Jump rope as a sports equipment could be classified as "for little money, a lot of music". The low purchase price easily surpasses all the benefits that jumping rope entails. Jumping rope is thus one of the easiest ways to get started with regular physical activity. Choose from a range of quality jump ropes from brands such as Spokey, Sharp Shake and Power System.