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Hello, when will Bodylab BCAA be available? Thank you
May I ask a question? When you are running out of stock of a particular item (some flavored BCAAs), why don't you start ordering the item into stock immediately, but wait until it is out of stock, and then only then order and classify the item as out of stock? Thanks
Hello, why is the taste of unflavored bcaa so chemical? Is it even a natural product?
are these bcaa suitable for vegans? Thank you
Hello, I have a question about dosage. I have read that I should give 5g up to 4 times a day, but what would be optimal? After (5+5g) or before (5+5g) exercise? And on non-training days in the morning (5+5g) and in the evening (5+5g)? Or what combination would you recommend? Thank you for your answer.
Is a measuring cup included? Thanks
Hello. I would like to ask when will the BCAA sour apple flavour be available?
Hello, I would like to ask if MyProtein BCAA 1000g will be available in the "Tropical" flavour and if you are planning to sell products from Extrifit. Thank you
Hello, is it possible to mix BCAA and Glutamine together? Thank you
Hello, when will the 500g flavourless be available again?