Myprotein Creatine Monohydrate

200 Ratings

Subjectively - I grew, put on weight and got stronger - the first week I gave the loading phase 15 g per day divided into 4 doses. Then maintain once a day 3 grams. For that first week I had the impression (placebo?) of a subjective burst of energy, but I definitely gained weight quickly (probably water) because I watch my weight daily in a general effort to gain weight and it jumped significantly. Spoko, no cravings, no digestive issues, fine price, all good.

No problem - nothing to spoil here;)

Super price/performance ratio - Dissolves well, no feeling of nausea like other brands

creac - bigger pills, harder to swallow and the dose is also small.

GOOD CREATINE - solid creatine at a reasonable price

Good creatine at a good price - Not much to write here. Total great price, taste slightly bitter like other creatines, water solubility not much. Perhaps I would recommend not to buy the flavored versions, where unfortunately due to artificial flavorings it is not 100% creatine and you are cheating yourself unnecessarily;)

Satisfaction - Meets expectations :) Tastes like chewing gum :D

Creatine monohydrate - absolutely pure creatine without sweeteners. It dissolves perfectly in water, juice or even with protein. For the price, a large quantity!

Classic - Classic at a great price, it needs a little more shake to dissolve properly, but otherwise everything is great.

Protein suited me - the only thing is that it dissolves poorly in water... it doesn't dissolve...