answered questions
Hello, can women use this product? (mainly for trying to increase libido)
Hello, I am 20 years old and I run long distance internationally. I train 2x a day most of the time and long 30km runs are no exception. In highly aerobic training men testosterone levels drop, do you think I should try this product?
Hi, I wanted to ask you about the dosage. Since I have 100kg I should take up to 1500mg which is 5 tablets. My question is how to distribute it throughout the day and also how to dose on non-training days. Thank you :)
Hello, the protodioscin content is not listed here..how do I find out? Thank you
Hello,I am 49 years old would this product be suitable for me. I hardly force myself to exercise and to run. Or can you recommend something else?
Hello, I have one more question. I would like to ask if Myprotein Tribulus Pro is suitable for me? I'm a guy, I'm 18 years old, I go to the gym regularly (min 3 times a week and max 5 times a week), healthy diet as ever. Thank you for any answer.
Can I ask when the product will be back in stock? Thank you.