answered questions
Good day, could I order this protein without any flavouring? Thank you
Hello, when could the CHOCOLATE flavour be in stock please? Thank you.
Hello, are you planning to add a 2,5 kilo flavourless pack to the range, or are you just going kilo now? I don't see it anywhere in the range, nor as unavailable. Thanks in advance.
hello, will there be other flavours than chocolate? this protein was made in carrot cake flavour, could you get it?
Hello can I ask when the protein will be available again? Thank you
I bought this protein knowing that I am allergic to dairy and this was recommended to me in the store. Unfortunately I tried one batch and it didn't do me any good. Is there anyone here who will buy it? It's a shame. In case e-mail: klarkasikulka@seznam.cz, Brno. Thank you Klara
Hello, what is the ratio of these nutrients in this product(pea protein isolate, brown rice protein concentrate, hemp protein)? And what is your opinion about this protein? Thank you for your answer
when will protein 1000g chocolate be in stock? Thank you Katka
Can I ask when the protein will be stocked in 2500g pack? Thank you in advance for the answer.