Social Media Growth Hacker RO

Ice Bucket Challenge, Corn Song or “Eww brother Eww". Do you know what that is? Do you? If so, keep reading!

Do you live on Instagram and Tik Tok? Is your phone always in your extended arm where you keep track of all that "HYPE"? Then you are the one we are looking for to join the most creative team I've ever seen….and I've seen lots of them!

Forget the commercial agencies and come with us to create content that breaks the boundaries of boredom and brings followers to their knees.

Feeling creative and your head is buzzing with ideas? Great! Then let's get creative!

Your mission

We are an e‑commerce Company and we want everyone around us to live and eat healthy, thanks to our Vilgain products! Our motto is to "Maximise the Human Potential" of everyone around us, even our grandmothers. Vilgain is where it all starts, and where YOU will make sure our message reaches not only our nearly three quarters of a million followers, but all other people across the globe. Sounds pretty cool, right?

Your duties 

  • Generate creative ideas for our social media IG & TT Vilgain accounts
  • Providing feedback on copy, scripts for better engagement and reach
  • Keep track of SoMe trends, algorithm changes, try out new trends, be able to create great content yourself,
  • Come up with creative ideas for collaborative posts with influencers.

Your Jam

  • You are able to shoot reels,videos and take pictures, post‑produce and cooperate with Figma
  • You're not afraid to sit down and write a good, eye‑catching copy.
  • Creativity is written in your DNA
  • You can swim in the mix of trends and virals
  • You've been behind the curtains of social media world and know the algorithms
  • You have an eye for a detail, because details are everything
  • You're good at time management and don't like to waste your precious time on unnecessary things.
  • Romanian language needed

Well, we are at the end! You're still here, just waiting to sign up? That's great! Send me a few words about yourself + your social media work and I'll get back to you before you make another Reel video