In marketing, we have a large team that is behind the fact that Aktin is visible and more and more people know it.

An important part is performance marketing, where our cornerstone is a sophisticated online strategy. We make sure that we are searchable on both Google and the List. You will definitely notice our work on social networks or in comparators. We analyze, test, report, and above all optimize PPC campaigns to perfection.

Equally important is content marketing, and as it is said that content is king, this is doubly true here. Everything you can find about Aktinu has come to our hands. We still take photos, write and create something. We run an online magazine with articles and recipes and govern social networks. The reward for us is the fact that with the right information we help people change their lives for the better.

And an integral part is also influencer marketing, where we take care of building friendly relationships with partners and their support. Part of the team is dedicated to our partners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and part of the team manages expansion abroad. We rely on meaningful, sincere, and above all long-term cooperation with people who have the same mindset as us, they enjoy cooperation and remain loyal to the brand.

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