Natália Kozerawska

Natália Kozerawska

Favourite products

Vilgain Chicken breasts ⁠–⁠ large cuts of lean meat, from proven farms, without preservatives
With salt and pepper 100 g
2,69 €
Vilgain Miso BIO ⁠–⁠ traditional Japanese paste, salty spicy taste, without preservatives and GMOs
230 g
7,49 €
Vilgain Organic Almond Butter ⁠–⁠ 100% almond butter without added sugar, salt and other additives
Smooth almonds
from 9,99 €
Vilgain Chicory syrup ⁠–⁠ natural sweetener with fibre and minimal sugar
350 g
5,99 €
Vilgain Chocolate Shards ⁠–⁠ honest bean to bar chocolate without soya lecithin
80% dark chocolate 250 g
9,99 €
Vilgain Roasted organic chickpea ⁠–⁠ enjoy a protein-packed crunchy snack
Onion 90 g
2,79 €
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my favourite vegan protein bar, I don't quite taste the salted caramel, but I don't mind it - the flavour is very pleasant

I tell everyone about this tortilla, this dough just tastes perfect

the best tea

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