Peter Popluhár

Peter Popluhár

Funny, muscular and handsome. Also a YouTuber, which balances everything.


In composition, price and taste, it is certainly the best that the flapjack market has to offer. After a 24-hour expedition to Kilimanjaro and vomiting several times from altitude sickness, this is also the only type of flapjack that doesn't make me nauseous (pear-honey taste)

This is the solution to takeaway meals that give you a generous 25g of meat to go with 500g of side dish. Open a jar, take this delicious meat and voila, suddenly you have the gram of protein that an exercising homo sapiens sapiens needs.

After years of blood-sucking beef jerky while traveling the world, this tastier and easier to chew product has finally arrived. A must-have for expeditions, hikes and travel. Taste-wise, I see almost no difference between the variants.