Kid Ajvn

Kid Ajvn

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7,99 €
Vitamin D3 – 90 capsules ⁠–⁠ the most absorbable form of vitamin D3 for immunity support
15,99 €
Probiotics – 90 capsules ⁠–⁠ comprehensive support of the microbiome and proper digestion
7,98 € 9,99 €
Granola – gingerbread 400 g ⁠–⁠ large pieces of baked muesli with nuts, carefully handmade
9,48 € 11,99 €
Sweet Nuts – vanilla rolls 200 g ⁠–⁠ gourmet butters with a high nut content
4,99 €
Zinc – 90 capsules ⁠–⁠ Zinc bisglycinate for immunity support, which your body will use to the maximum
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We all have the occasional urge to sin in our diet. I definitely don't recommend eating things like this nonstop, but Vilgain has made sure to provide great nutritional value even with a treat like this, so you don't have to worry about munching a few times a week! Best after a workout of course :)

I don't even order the classic store-bought tootsie roll anymore. The Vilgain Tootsie Roll stays fresh for a long time and for classic sandwiches it's just top notch.

In a word... porn. If you want to sin with a sweet once in a while, these butter cups are the perfect option.

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