Martin Bako

Martin Bako

Favourite products

Vegan Protein Bar ⁠–⁠ 100% vegetable formula with high quality fava bean protein
Cinnamon latté 50 g
1,99 €
Organic Beef Jerky ⁠–⁠ a fair portion of protein from quality Czech meat without preservatives and flavourings
Sea salt 50 g
5,23 €
Bowl and Spoon ⁠–⁠ breakfast essentials in the ideal size
400 ml
7,49 €
Sweet Nuts ⁠–⁠ gourmet butters with a high nut content
Cinnamon-butter cookie
from 9,99 €
Edible Cookie Dough ⁠–⁠ delicious cookie dough filled with ground nuts and Finnish flakes that you can eat straight from the jar
Brownie 350 g
11,99 €
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Very satisfied!

Gamechanger, it really tastes great + excellent nutritional values

I don't even use any other oil anymore... sometimes still coconut from Aktinu <3

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