Vilgain 1 Minute Protein Oatmeal

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It's the best. I will definitely order this porridge again. It's delicious and tastes like Rafaelo. It's not too sweet.

Total porn👌👌👌💯💯 just like Rafaelo,only I would welcome a kilo pack please 🙏😁

It tasted good, but on the first taste it seemed saltier to me..1 g of salt per serving is enough/too much. One minute oatmeal contains significantly less salt.. what is it? :)

Hi Peter, the recipe of this product is designed to bring out the natural flavours of the ingredients and provide their optimal balance. Have a nice day,

Excellent 👌

So the coconut cream variant is too sweet for me, even to the point that it almost loses its flavour, which would otherwise be good. I'd add about half the sugar. It's really like eating Rafaela, I guess that's the sweetness of it.

Very much in tune

I'll be embarrassed, but with milk it really tastes like Raffaello 🥹 Delicious, could easily be less sweet. I'll try mixing it half with water next time.

I have to say that I'm always skeptical about comments like "wow it tastes just like raffaello/kinder bueno" etc. but THIS DOES TASTE LIKE RAFFAELLO :D it was just quite sweet for me, but with dark chocolate it was really TOP.

Porridge that fills you up, and tastes amazing 🫶🏼

Good porridge