Bowl and Spoon

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Just right for cereal🤍

Absolutely perfect, except for the porridge. I'd buy the spoons separately, they're great in the hand ☺

Perfect shape and size, I love the simple design! The bowl is big enough but not too big, also the spoon is not too small but not too big :) I have just used it for my breakfast yogurt, and it did somehow make it taste better :)

Great, use not only as a breakfast set, quality workmanship, suits the size of the bowl and spoon, very hilarious.

Nadherny jednoduchy design misky i lzicky, ktere patri k mym nejoblibenejsim. Lzicka je obzvlast bozi

The best bowl! and I love that spoon.

Somehow it makes those porridges taste better :D

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Practical bowl and spoon. Size neither big nor small

What can I say, ideal both in size and quality