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Absolutely fabulous butter. Just like kinder bueno

Lískooříškové je naprosto výborné!! Nemám slov! Kinder bueno, nutela, čokoláda v jednom!!

One of the best flavored butters 😍 Great taste, great consistency, just perfection!

Best flavored butter I've ever had. It really tastes like bueno 🤩

excellent taste, great consistency, nutty, just the right amount of sweetness, neither too much nor too little, I am very satisfied

top highly recommended!

Delicious, I've tried two flavours so far and when the chocolate craving hits, just a spoonful and the taste buds dance, the new peanut cupcake flavour is perhaps even better than the original :D

It's really hard to stay with one spoonful 🙈 when I read that it tastes like Raffaello, I didn't really believe it, but it really does! It's great

The butter tastes really like kinder bueno and you will have almost no complaints :)

It's luxurious :)