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Do you like Kinder Bueno? This butter tastes exactly the same as the sauce in these bars 👌

I actually kind of hate butters like this. Because they're SO GOOD, it's really hard to resist eating it all at once. :D I personally like the hazelnut cream choco bar a little more than the caramel one, and that's just my general taste preference. I believe you can't go wrong with either. And you'll enjoy the butter to the last bite. On porridge, cottage cheese, with a piece of fruit or just with your finger :)))

For me the best butter at the moment! It's great on toast, but also just on a spoon. I love the two-tone layer.

Easy to open, hard to close.~true, this cheat spread is heaven in a glass

HAZELNUT CREAM CHOCO BAR - Omg.. and it like came Aktin again with what?😭 terribly good! Tastes like the inside of a kinder buena and has a great consistency and aaaaaa🤤😭 where's the nutella! SALTY CARAMEL - also awful yummy! It's pretty sweet, I have it as such a sweet treat on a spoon! These butters are a waste in porridge :D

cashews & salted caramel macadamia - absolute perfection :) Just like the original version from R3ptile :)

I love it.

PERFECTION! Consistency absolutely ideal. The butters definitely make you sit on your butt and you won't go wrong with any of the flavors! The Choco bar tastes just like the kinder buena filling and the salted caramel is extremely original!

Yummy! For me the best butter <3 As everyone writes, it tastes exactly like the filling for Kinder buena. At the same time, it reminds me a bit of the Mako butter that we all lamented was only limited edition. Really very hilarious and really filling :D

Solo ingredienti naturali, si sente molto il gusto al caramello salato Io la preferisco con i Pancakes 🥞