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very good, both layers

Thick peanut cream, very rich, strong peanut flavour, bottom chocolate part pleasantly bitter, really a treat for lovers of dark chocolate and peanut butter

Vyborna chut!!

Excellent, like bueno.. still recommend Keto Bueno from Ketodiet, it tastes even better😍

Rafaelo v puse 🤩

Very tasty.

I've had a lot of nut butters that pretend to taste like kinder bueno, but so far this particular one is the closest. It tastes absolutely YUMMY <3. Funny and practical packaging, the only problem was that I kept going to eat it, until one day I found out it was gone :(

for me even better Keto Bueno from Ketodiet, I recommend it!

Hazelnut cream is the best! Tastes like the cream from Kinder Bueno but even better 🤩

lahodný, samotný i na pečení

Úžasná chuť 😋