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I expected it to be a bit like Kinder Bueno, but I didn't expect it to be EXACTLY like Kinder Bueno. For me the best cheat spread on Aktinu.

absolute perfection, complete raffaello in your mouth!😍

It's an absolute treat. It tastes exactly like Raffaello balls - it even has almost the same consistency. The downside is that you can't not eat it sitting down. :-D The great thing about this product is that it's made with quality ingredients containing a higher amount of protein. It's not very suitable for the later stages of the diet, but for the vast majority it's a great alternative and substitute for sweets. 10/10! :-)

the best butter I've ever had. It is definitely for lovers of sweeter butters that are similar in taste to, for example, Nutella. TASTES GODLY!

An incredible bomb, you really can't close them and they really taste like Raffaelo and Bueno. For me, white chocolate is a little bit better.

Super😍 je to jako Kinder bueno.

Did someone say Kinder Bueno? The only problem is, I'd need it in a kilo version :D

Kinder Bueno and white really like Raffaelo <3

Excellent butter! Super consistency and irresistible taste! Too bad I ate it so soon :D

The butters are delicious and the "easy to open, hard to close" rule applies doubly here.