353 Ratings

Taste great, however I thought the tin would be a bit bigger, this way it looks like pate 😅

So this is a total blast, tastes delicious, saves a lot of time!

Very well seasoned canned chicken ideal as a quick meal or as an ingredient in other cooking.

A tasty and quick lunch solution

Super quickie, tastes good😊

I LOVE IT! Like it's probably cheaper to quickly roast or deglaze meat, but these preserves will last at home and when we're planning a quick trip, they're absolutely perfect in tortillas!

Quick, tasty, always on hand.

Great to have them on hand, I recommend ordering a larger pack right away. Ideal when you've got rice, quinoa, couscous and pasta vegetables, but you've just got meat on top and can't manage to make it. The taste is amazing, really surprised by this product, it is very tasty, the meat is soft, there is only salt and pepper and nothing more is needed.

Very, very tasty and juicy! Great for stocking up, I wish I had ordered more straight away...

In salad, on bread, etc.? Luxurious!