Vilgain Clear Whey Isolate

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Hello. Somehow I can't figure it out but is it suitable for lactose intolerance or is it a lactose protein? Thank you :) Because I have it at home and I have a newly diagnosed high lactose intolerance :/
Hello, I am also in favour of the test packs of the individual flavours and I am eagerly awaiting them :-)
Hello, are you planning to make 30g tasting packs of each flavour?
Hello I don't see the ingredient soy in the ingredients but you mention it in the product description, is there soy/soy lecithin in lbroskyn lemonade ted? Thank you for your reply
Hello, is the product also suitable during pregnancy? Thank you:)
I received the container with the seal half off and traces of powdery prore on the outside of the container.
Do you have an analysis report on this product?
I'm also joining in with the request for patterns! I like the idea of the product, but when I tried a competitor's, I didn't like I'm afraid to go the whole package;)
Hello, can I take this protein during pregnancy?
Hello, I would like to ask if it can be put into porridge