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Hello. Is it possible to combine with Multivitamin for Women from Vilgain? Thank you
Vilgain Collagen Complex - Which sugar is contained in the product? Thanks already
What's the difference between this and collagen peptides?
Hey! Hey! Please be honest - is it good to take it at the same time as Vilgain Joint Support, or to alternate it after a month (a month of collagen complex / a month of joint support)? Thanks:)
Don't you plan to sell hyaluronic acid on its own? That would be great!
Hello, how long does one pack last?
Hello, from what age is it recommended to start using collagen?
Hello, can it be taken on an empty stomach? Or should it be taken with or after a meal?
Hello, is it possible to mix it into protein?
Hello, can it be used in pregnancy?