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I think that it is one of the best collagens on the Czech market. The composition is pure and at the same time charged. I am only using the second pack. The first one lasted me 4 weeks. I notice results so far only on better facial skin, for more visible results it is necessary to take at least 8 weeks. The taste is fine too.

great taste, not artificial or too sweet, 100% satisfaction, I plan to buy this again

my skin looks healthier after this product, I buy repeatedly

It smells a bit. It's quite sweet. Definitely better than all the drugstore collagens. I've been using it for a while, but I think it'll work. But I'd rather switch to Vilgain Hair, Nails & Skin. It's just more convenient/faster

Not bad, but too sweet for me. I haven't understood the effect yet - I only take the first month

I'm not seeing much effect yet, but I think it takes time. The taste is not the worst.

I order over and over again and have always been satisfied. I have tried both flavours and for me the pear and peach wins. However, the last time I bought one I would have given a hand up for being sent a strawberry and banana in a pear and peach wrapper 😂! I wasn't so thrilled about that.

Hi Kristy, if you have any doubts about the correct product you received, please feel free to email us at podpora@aktin.cz along with a photo of the products, we will be happy to verify the contents :). Have a nice day

The taste of this collagen is mild and pleasant - I mix it in 150 ml of water. The price/performance/quality ratio is great. I like that it is not only e.g. beef collagen, but it is combined with marine collagen, and that HA, selenium and zinc are added. Multiple benefits in one, I've been looking for a collagen like this for a long time, I give it a thumbs up:)

Super solubility, the taste is good, it's definitely not something unpalatable, as some reviews mention. Tastier is strawberry banana, but both ok.

I like the taste