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How many grams of creatine per capsule?
Hello, I want to ask how much water should I drink when using creatine?
Hello, I want to ask how do I know the 5g? Is it one scoop? Is it less? Thank you very much!
Hello, I would like to ask how to dose creatine after training? Is it possible to take it mixed together in a shaker with protein and take it about 30 minutes after the workout? :) Thank you very much for your answer. :)
Good evening. I wanted to ask how much does 1 tablet contain mg of creatine? Thank you in advance.
Hello, I'd like to ask you. If I take creatine for e.g. 3 months and then stop using it, can I lose the muscle mass I have gained from taking creatine? Thank you.
Hi, as there has been one question here asking what the difference is from the original, older Creapure creatine product, I didn't quite understand the difference between the two. So which one is better in terms of quality? Is it "more" trademarked or the fact that it is tested on an HPLC?
Hi, I would like to ask what is the difference between this new product and your Vilgain Creatine Creapure® - 300 g? Thank you :)