Vilgain Double Trouble Protein Bar

920 Ratings

Classic protein bars should summon a crisis staff.

It resembles a snickers, you can't tell it's a protein, it has no tail. Probably the best protein bar I've ever had.

Reminds me of a twix;)

Unbeatable bars under ☀️! I can't decide which flavor I like more!! I recommend buying a box straight away!

The bar was good, but it's a shame it's not with hot chocolate because I love that and the bar would definitely be the best then 😍!

So far, for me, probably the best tasting proteins on the market.

Taste really fine-tuned, but unnecessarily too sweet 😕

Both flavours taste great. Peanut is like a combination of snickers and twix salted caramel. Hazelnut is still a little better for me though.

absolutely amazing taste I was scared of protein bars, after previous experience with another brand, but this one is the absolute bomb

Excellent bars. Whenever I have a sweet tooth this is a great alternative and they taste really excellent!

Best Protein tyčinka👍🏻