Vilgain Edible Cookie Dough

answered questions
Hello, aren't you planning to make mini packs? For travel or as a taste kit? I'm sure they wouldn't go to waste 😁 Thank you
Hello, I would like to ask if Edible Cookie Dough is in permanent offer or if it is only temporary. Thank you for your reply, have a nice rest of the day
Hello. Please, is Edible Coocie Dough gluten free? As there is the allergen oats highlighted in bold, but can it also be gluten free oatmeal and oats is highlighted for those who have an allergy to oats? I am celiac but gluten free oatmeal I can. Thank you for the reply.
Hello, is this dough in stock at any of the Brno stores?
Good evening when in stock? Thank you
Hello, will Cookie Dough be available soon? :)
Hello, I would like to ask when the butter will be back in stock? Thank you
Hi, I would like to ask when will the butter be back in stock? I would like to finally taste it :)
Hello, I'd like to ask you. If I want to bake Cookie Dough, should I add some other ingredients? For example, eggs or flour. Thanks :)
Hello, please info when will it be available again? :)