Edible Cookie Dough

331 Ratings

The best! Will there be a bigger pack?

Hello, there is no plan for a bigger pack yet, but we are writing that there would be interest :-) have a nice day

YEAH, this is a blast. At the first moment I had the feeling that my vicc tastes like brownie than snickerdoodle, but with time and deeper tasting it's like 50:50... Whenever I have a sweet tooth this is the first choice

It's a very nice flavored peanut butter, but I ordered it knowing that I loved your edible cookie dough in collaboration with Teri Hodan and that was a whole other level. Luxurious flavor, it really tasted like cookie dough and what I miss most about this one is real chocolate chips that I bite into and not melted chocolate flavored islands.

I absolutely love it!! I'm taking one star off because it doesn't taste like real dough, but the taste is delicious. If it wasn't called dough, but anything else it would be 5 stars. The ingredients and flavor are great though! I definitely recommend it.

I might have gotten fed up at the beginning, but don't worry, it will go away :Dd. More of a loader buddy than a reducer buddy.

Amazing taste and consistency.

An INCREDIBLE product! I really often can't help myself and eat more of it than I should, but my body enjoys it 😂😉

It's probably not the typical cookie dough taste that many of us remember, but that doesn't change the fact that this butter tastes delicious. It's just that the name can be a little confusing.

I'd eat it in a sitting. I have to buy carefully xD

So this is a total bomb... total explosion of flavours, I love it🤍