Edible Cookie Dough

89 Ratings

I don't know about you. But I often like raw dough much more than after baking!🤭 So this one is yummy for me! As a snack on a spoon or to add that "icing on the cake" to porridge. But I've even tried baking it in the oven and it's great too! 🤍🔥

Don't expect this glass to last you more than two days, because it fell right away! 😍 It's very foodie and only a few ingredients

Who doesn't love cookie dough! This one has the consistency of more of that butter, it's so much easier to eat and so much more versatile. The taste is 11/10, really! For peanut lovers, this will be total heaven in your mouth 😍 You can even try baking it..

Really very good!

Well done. I ate straight from the jar

I expected it to be excellent, but it's absolutely perfect ! ❤️ I love raw dough and have always eaten it 😁 Here's a nice peanut flavor, big chunks and melty choco chips. I'm looking forward to other flavors 🤩 Maybe salted caramel or white chocolate pecans 🤤

Tak dobré, až je to návykové 😄

the best in the world


Love at first taste!