Edible Cookie Dough

246 Ratings

The best! Will there be a bigger pack?

Hello, there is no plan for a bigger pack yet, but we are writing that there would be interest :-) have a nice day

according to the reviews I was expecting more, but it's not for me, I'll try to bake it later

So this is a total bomb... total explosion of flavours, I love it🤍

I don't know about you. But I often like raw dough much more than after baking!🤭 So this one is yummy for me! As a snack on a spoon or to add that "icing on the cake" to porridge. But I've even tried baking it in the oven and it's great too! 🤍🔥

Excellent, unfortunately it disappears too quickly😩😂💗

Heaven in the mouth :-)

BROO... don't buy this. Because it's not. Unfortunately, it's bottomless :D

Ah...once you get into it, you can't put it down. I'm just aligning and aligning...

For me absolutely top!

hrozne dobre, miluju to❤️