Vilgain Energy & Focus Drink

143 Ratings

A refreshing drink, the orange didn't taste so good, but it replenished my energy.

super taste

sweeter taste than I expected, but it's good

the taste is so strange, it can't be drunk in one go, maybe another flavour would be better, it was quite good cold

this is top!!!

I tried all the flavours, but in the end I went back to the original orange. It's a nice drink, it doesn't get you as drunk as RedBull (which is to be expected, considering the amount of sugar in the classic energy drink), but it's also incomparably healthier. I didn't notice that it made me concentrate better.

The effects are probably better than coffee, but the taste did not impress me.

Ideal if you're running low on energy during the day. 🔋

tastes delicious, but if you're not used to drinking coffee, it keeps you awake until dawn :D

Fulfils the function, a little artificial taste