Fresh Roast Coffee

40 Ratings

Excellent taste and very low acidity. Really great coffee ❤️☕️

I'm a #CoffeeLover and I can really recommend it!

Coffee is my daily kicker, this one is quality, has a great taste and aroma ❤️

Top coffee

Very tasty coffee.

Great coffee from a Brno roastery

I'm very picky about coffee and I was a little afraid I'd be disappointed. But on the contrary, I was very pleasantly surprised. The flavour is beautifully balanced, it makes a lovely foam on espresso and it's absolutely delicious in all ways. The price-quality ratio is incredible. I don't buy any more and I can't stop drinking it!!!🤯

A sour coffee that immediately flew among the favorites.

I'm quite a coffee snob and I don't buy coffee other than beans at home anymore. This fresh roast is probably the best akfe in the price:quality ratioand we like it a lot at home☕️

A little sour, but otherwise fine. Aroma great, strong taste.