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Hello, I would like to ask if this product can be combined with other products such as ashwagandha?
Hello, it's very nice that you mention studies on efficacy (although one of them states that the results are promising but unconfirmed), but I find it important that with products like this one you also point out the interactions and side effects that can occur. GABA can have interactions with some prescription psychopharmaceuticals (e.g. trodazone), though anyone can check with their doctor, but I think for completeness of information this belongs here as well. Don't take this as a complaint, but I thought it was important to mention.
Can I use Gaba at 15? And can I use it together with a dietary supplement to support hair, nails and skin and a dietary supplement to support concentration?
Hello when is the best time to take gabu? Anytime during the day or at night before bed? Thank you
Hello, can children (11 years old) take GABA? Thank you