Vilgain Grass-fed Collagen Peptides

answered questions
What is the % distribution of collagen types? 50:50?
Hello, regarding this product, do you have a heavy metal test available somewhere for review? Thank you for your reply
Dobry den kolko mg kolagenu ma prosim ?
Hello, can collagen be added to hot drinks?
Hello, is it possible to mix collagen into one drink with protein and creatine?
Hello, is it commonly recommended to take vit.C with collagen or is it also part of joint supplements, so is it necessary to include vit.C in the case of this collagen as well?
Hello, please men to use when I am still breastfeeding? Thank you for the info
Hello, how many mg of hydrolyzed collagen does it have? For example, GreenFood says 5000mg. Thank you :)
Hello, what is the consistency? Is it a powder? How does it dissolve? or rather "flakes" that dissolve smoothly? Thank you
Hello, how often should I take collagen (daily, every other day...)? Thank you for your answer.