Vilgain Grass-fed Collagen Peptides

83 Ratings

For me, totally awesome, the best. I don't feel any aftertaste, I put it in a small glass with juice. ūüíĮūüĎÜūüŹĽ

Super quality, good solubility.

Great solubility, I add it to yoghurt and porridge, it does not affect the taste at all

I put in my morning coffee, it suits me very well

Mixes well, no aftertaste.

satisfaction so far, but I just started with this collagen

I think it's great. I put it in my coffee where I don't smell it at allūüĎć.

Good solubility and taste. Recommended.

Neutral taste, good solubility. I add it often to coffee or cocoa. I am starting a second packet

Very good collagen, easy to dissolve, taste no problem to drink even on its own, sometimes I add flavdrops. I recommend