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My boyfriend and I are used to drinking barley and chlorella, so we're used to that weird grassy taste. But this is another level. The lemony chemical flavor that's in it.. it literally makes us both sick to our stomachs when we ingest it 🙈 I'm afraid you can't even consume this packet on strength 😂 maybe without 🍋 it would be better. Less is sometimes more 👏🏼
good day, I would like to ask from how old is the drink recommended?
Hello, I ordered it for the second time, the first time it was delicious, I was looking forward to it every day ☺️ But now with the second package I was a little bit disappointed, it is so zingy that it makes my lips squeeze and since my stomach does not tolerate constipation very well, it makes me sore right away. Has the recipe changed? Or why is there such a difference when I didn't even feel the ginger in the first pack? 😒 Thank you for the answer.
Hello, will there ever be a green without flavor? Just pure green? Thank you
Hello, does it contain pre and pro biultikum?
Hello, how can I combine the burner and greenmix? Thank you Jitka Böhmová
Hello, how is it possible that the product is gluten free? What does "gluten-free barley" mean?
Hello, 1. How long do you recommend taking the green mix? I'm starting the 3rd pack, so I don't know if I need to take a break afterwards or continue? 2. Can I combine with green mix other supplements from you (I mean either collagen or those hair vitamins tablets)? Thanks for the answers 🙏🌸
Hello, I would like to ask if there is a lot of ginger in the drink? I am unfortunately allergic to it, but there should only be a "trace" amount. So I was wondering if anyone has had a negative experience with this drink? Alternatively, do you have any other products that do not contain ginger? Thanks for the reply :)
Hello. I apologize in advance for the repetitive nature of this question, but due to the ingredients and the caffeine, I would like to ask for myself. After intermittent fasting 16/8 I take water with lemon first, is it please appropriate on a cheap stomach (e.g. within 30min) to give also green mix, or do you recommend rather after a meal to absorb all the substances and rather not make mischief?