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I've only been taking it for a while, but I haven't been sick yet.

Absolutely top product! I either don't use dietary supplements or I can only take them temporarily. I've been taking the immunity booster since last September when I started taking it for support with a common virus. The illness itself was much milder than usual, I didn't even have to lie down. I've taken 2-3 capsules every day since then and have not been sick yet - and I've been to all the Christmas parties, public transport, longer train journeys, coffee with a very cold friend and NOTHING. Since then, respiratory illnesses just don't concern me :) I recommend it with all ten. For me a completely revolutionary product. Thanks!

From the point of view of vitamins probably ok, although I don't feel any healthier, but I mind the "wrapper" of the tablet, all day what I feel in my stomach