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What a difference it made to ride a longer bike route with this. Unfortunately for me it was my first time with an ion drink, so I don't have a comparison. With/without, however, the difference was in the lower teens in terms of delaying muscle stiffness and overall fatigue and feeling hydrated. After the water, though, it's still "dry" in the mouth. After the ionic, my mouth is comfortable :)

The drink itself is fine, I was looking for a better alternative to the ones commonly available. Anyway, for my taste it's quite strong and strong with a sweet "artificial" taste, I definitely won't drink the full dose, but I drink more diluted a couple of times a week just fine.:)

Taste very good, for better taste dissolve in more water

Dissolve great, the powdery tail of it is really minimal, but if the water is really cold you can't tell at all. After all, it's the type of drink one drinks during athletic performance, not for the extra added flavor.

taste for me very good.

It dissolves well, the tropical fruit flavour is fine, but the taste seems quite artificial to me.

It's very sweet