answered questions
Can this please somehow help even an elderly 60 year old guy who has had his joints destroyed by the hard work of life? Especially the shoulders. Plus he has elevated uric acid levels. Thank you for your reply.
Hello, Does it contain type 2 collagen? Thank you
Hello, in the table where you list the amount of each ingredient in one dose, Chicken Collagen Type II is listed. However, this ingredient is not listed in the ingredients. How should I understand this? Thank you very much
Hello, can it also be used during multi-day, long hikes?
Hello, what is the dosage of this product, for how long does it last?
Hello, I would like to ask if it can be mixed with anything other than water?
Hi, can I ask if this product can be mixed with creatine in one drink?
Hello, there must be some big gap between joint support and pre-workout before training.
Hello, for what reason is it not suitable for breastfeeding women? Thank you for the answer 😊