46 Ratings

Taste great

one of the best collagens I've had

The taste could be better

Ordered for my mother who praised it very much, after longer and regular use she felt definitely beneficial changes.

The taste may be too pronounced. I would have appreciated more natural taste and colour. Otherwise everything is fine.

Tastes great, but dissolves worse in water.

The flavor is good, I do not mind. We'll see what effects it will have after longer use...

sweet enough for me, but the taste is pleasant

In the beginning, I was very bothered by the taste. Gradually I got used to it and I quite like it. I've been taking it for a while so I can't say, but I think my knees and hips have stopped cramping a bit😅

The first time was pretty rough. I dissolve it in a pint and it's totally fine. The flavour is good, not too intense. Ingredients are fine.