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Vilgain already has everything. A laundry gel is definitely part of the home shopping experience.

The gel has no perfume, but it smells delicately, I would say soapy... It washes great. I have extra hard well water and I still don't need to use much gel.

The gel is also great for allergy sufferers and really washes well even at 30, which is quite rare for organic gels. The price could be lower (for example, make the packaging bigger).

Not bad, but I'm still looking for my top. Weak for spots

A pleasant, delicate scent.

Fragrance-free but washes well

It washes everything beautifully, it's just the smell that's so strange. The gel itself smells so weird, which on the laundry is a different smell, so (I don't know how to describe it), just weird.

Hi Christina, Vilgain laundry gel is made with natural ingredients and contains no synthetic fragrances. Its scent is therefore different. It was important for us to develop a gel without harmful substances for our skin and the planet. Have a nice day.

Totally awesome! I don't even buy or use any others anymore. :)

I haven't tried the gel yet, but I trust the reviews so I will definitely be satisfied.

The clothes are nicely washed, but the smell is so specific.