Vilgain Magnesium Bisglycinate

965 Ratings

It is not to be missed in our home. I take it every night before bed (along with zinc) and wake up better rested in the morning.

The capsules are larger, but they are easy to drink and I do not feel stomach cramps after them. I have tetany and since taking this magnesium I sleep better and have not experienced muscle cramps either. I'll see how it goes after longer use, but so far so good.

After longer use I have to finally admit that it really works. I find it very supportive for muscle regeneration, calms me down in the evening and improves sleep. Really great.

Supplementing magnesium is a must for me, but this magnesium really works.

I have only been using it for two weeks, but it works well so far in combination with reflex nutrition nexgen pro tablets.

Very good product. I can really tell the difference.

It's hard to judge the effects, I can only trust them. I may start to feel a little better after about two weeks, but that may be a paid effect, hard to say. Anyway, the packaging is great, the box is practical,after consuming it will definitely be useful at home for other things. The smell or unpleasant odor (which some complain about) did not take place. It does not smell any worse,than other vitamins, or medicines. The tablets "slide" well so can be swallowed easily if necessary without swallowing. So far so good.

For athletes the basis for good recovery

very fine magnesium

Bisglycinate should be one of the forms that is best absorbed in the body... can't really evaluate it (although I'm currently on frequent blood draws), but it's definitely worth it :)