95 Ratings

If you still don't drink magnesium before bedtime, what are you doing?!!

Amazing taste

Top! I look forward to this drink every day, delicious and refreshing taste. For me and a nice diversification of the drinking regime 😊

mango top. We had an apple on test which I think is better but it's a hit anyway

It dissolves well and tastes good. I've been taking it too short to judge how effective it is.

Very good magnum, but it's just too sweet for my taste. 😊 Otherwise it's better to stir it in a shaker. I tried pouring water over it and stirring it and it wouldn't dissolve, it made lumps.

Great I finally got something useful 🥰Recommend to everyone

Solubility could be better, but otherwise great

Tastes great

Best magnet I've ever had.